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The role of viruses in the occurrence of vestibular neuronitis is almost undeniable at present. The fact is that often the symptoms of the disease occur a week or two after suffering an acute respiratory disease.

In addition, vestibular neuronitis is characterized by an epidemic surge in the incidence rate at the end of spring. Cases of the occurrence of the disease in members of the same family with a short period of time are described. The herpetic nature of the disease was discussed when there were descriptions of cases of suprax encephalitis after the onset of vestibular neuronitis. Sometimes the cause of the development of the disease remains unknown, which indicates the completely unidentified nature of vestibular neuronitis.

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In addition to dizziness, an attack of vestibular neuronitis is characterized by: Since only the vestibular nerve is affected in vestibular neuronitis, hearing changes are never observed. This feature of cefixime pills is an important diagnostic point. With other pathologies of the nervous system and the vestibular apparatus, hearing impairment and the appearance of additional symptoms are possible. Vestibular neuronitis is never accompanied by additional focal symptoms, since all other structures of the nervous system do not suffer.

Severe dizziness with nausea and vomiting usually lasts from several hours to several days. Then gradually the patient becomes better. Approximately about two weeks, dizziness still persists, sometimes nausea. Then for some time the patient feels some instability and unsteadiness when walking. If all the symptoms go away within 6 months, then vestibular neuronitis is considered acute, but if they continue to persist, then they speak of a chronic course. The timing of recovery of health with vestibular neuronitis is very variable. It depends on the completeness of the treatment received, and on the individual sensitivity to the drugs of a particular patient, and on the stability of the vestibular system as a whole.

Vestibular neuronitis is one of the most difficult to diagnose diseases.

To establish such a diagnosis, a thorough history taking (including information about the diseases that preceded the symptoms of vestibular neuronitis), a careful examination of the patient, and a number of additional research methods are required. The data in favor of vestibular neuronitis are: In order to confirm the diagnosis, a caloric test is performed. Its results indicate a unilateral lesion of the vestibular nerve (its upper part).

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A modern method for diagnosing damage to the vestibular apparatus, including vestibular neuronitis, is caused by vestibular myogenic disorders.potentials. The method is completely painless and harmless, which is important. With vestibular neuronitis, magnetic resonance imaging of the brain can be performed. This is due to the need for differential diagnosis of symptoms of vestibular neuronitis, for example, with impaired cerebral circulation in the vertebrobasilar system.

The main direction in the treatment of vestibular neuronitis is symptomatic therapy.

It consists in removing the main symptoms of the disease: dizziness, unsteadiness, nausea and vomiting. For this purpose, can be used: Usually, the complex use of these drugs allows for a few days to reduce the severity of the main symptoms of vestibular neuronitis. After nausea and vomiting disappear, and dizziness is significantly reduced, they begin purchase suprax generic method of treatment - vestibular gymnastics.

Vestibular gymnastics consists in performing exercises in a certain sequence with fixing the gaze on objects at different angles, movements with the eyeballs, head and torso.

The essence of such gymnastics is the receipt of stimuli from various sensory organs into the brain, which leads to sensory mismatch, that is, as it were, provokes the resumption of dizziness. But at the same time, such actions are training, increasing the threshold of excitability of the vestibular apparatus, which, ultimately, pursues the goal of vestibular compensation.

At first, the performance of vestibular gymnastics may be accompanied by a subjective deterioration in the condition, however, you should persevere with classes, overcoming discomfort, and the result will not be long in coming. The timing of the gymnastics depends on the individual sensitivity of the vestibular apparatus. Compensation is different for everyone.